The following is a quote taken from my debut novel, “Sunrise At Night: Emotions And Etc.” coming from some publisher who wants to buy it from me.

Kingfisher tripped backwards, catching himself. He shook his head, attempting to silence the ringing reverberating through his skull.

He opened his eyes. Fredrick was across the alley shaking his hand, stinging from the thrust to his face.

Kingfisher felt something warm on his upper lip. He touched it and looked at his fingertips, soaked in blood.

“This has gone too far, Fredrick!” Kingfisher exclaimed as he wiped blood across his face, sniffing, trying to keep it from seeping into his mouth.

Fredrick pulled a pistol from the back of his pants, pointing it directly at Kingfisher. “This is the last time you steal my cheese!”

Kingfisher’s tummy rumbled loudly. It desired more cheese…

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