Cinema Six is an independent comedy released through Devolver Digital that I truly believe is worth your time. Here are 7 reasons why I think you should check it out. And I’m trying to be as unbiased here as possible so you take this seriously.


1. I Co-Wrote and Co-Directed It
Cole Selix and I started writing this around 2007, a few years removed from our time working at a movie theatre in Enid, Oklahoma. It went through, I think, a couple hundred iterations before we actually hit record on the camera. Then, it went through about 50 more.

2. A Lot Of Great People Made This Movie Happen
This was the first real production Cole and I were directing and it was sort of weird. We weren’t used to having more than a few people on set. Sometimes, we were lucky enough to have four people! But this had a lot of people. People who were working hard for almost no money. I’m not sure why. Maybe they liked the story? Maybe they liked us? Maybe some unknown person was holding a loved one hostage and they had to complete the production in order to get said loved one back? That’s probably it.

3. People Like It!
We received some pretty good reviews. Mark Bell of Film Threat said, See the fucking film as soon as you can!” That’s awesome! Devin Lee Fuller of Indiewire said,resembles a movie theater-set version of “Office Space” with the same kind of raunchy humor and quarter-to-mid-life ennui” which is pretty cool and required me to look up what “ennui” meant. Spencer Hawken of Cinemaroll said, many will accuse it of being puerile, but there is an element of the audience that will absolutely love this movie” which, I think, is good? There are more here.

4. It’s Sexy!

What’s sexier: The amazing actress Madi Goff, the always fantastic Brand Rackley, or the ever-present Mark Potts muffin top on the right? ANSWER: You better put a tarp down because it’s all sexy.

5. Barry Corbin Is Hilarious In It
Barry Corbin is someone I grew up being aware of because my dad thought he was awesome. I became more familiar with his acting the older I became and knowing I would be directing someone my dad really admired was so very cool.


He showed up on set and was hilarious. He was incredibly easy to talk to, very personable, and went as far as to tell us stories about directors he has worked with. He’s also a pretty great improvisor and a lover of weed jokes.

6. The Vacationeers Make It 100x More Funny.
Todd Berger, Jeff Grace, Blaise Miller, and Kevin Brennan all appear in the film. If you don’t know who they are, you haven’t been paying enough attention to the state of comedy in recent years because this is the funniest group of guys you’ll ever encounter. Again, not sure why they were in it, but I’m in debt to them forever. I’ve offered to clean their houses shirtless for years and they never take me up on it. They are that selfless.

Their last film, “It’s A Disaster,” is one of the funniest films I’ve seen in years.

7. I Think You’d Like It
I’ll admit it: it’s not a film for everyone. The language is foul, the jokes are so blue you’d think they were the presidential voting record of California (topical political joke zing!) But I believe it’s a very funny film full of amazing performances. John Merriman and Brand Rackley, the two leads, humanize the silliness and make the stupid words Cole and I wrote sound perfect. Byron Brown and Lindsey Newell play take two ridiculous characters and make them so funny and so real. Heather Wallis is a pro and was able to make Sarah a very real person. Chris Doubek is in my top five favorite people ever. The guy is all you’d ever want in an actor. Reese Merritt, Kelli Bland, Shannon McCormick, Julia Lorenz, Kerri Lendo, Danu Uribe, Eloise Kropp, Ashley Serrao, and David Dunn. The world wouldn’t work without these people to fill it in and make it so fun.

And I can’t forget our producers, Don Swaynos, Kelly Williams, and Nick Tankersley. And of course, the Executive Producer, Reilly Smith.

If I never get to make anything else, I’ll always have this film and the time I felt like a real filmmaker. And that’s more than I could ever ask for.

End of sweet talk. Go buy this so we can pay back the people who gave us money for some reason.



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