The future of news is in our hands and sadly, most humans are too stupid to handle that kind of pressure.

A recent story published on CNN’s iReport site claimed the Earth was going to be demolished in 30 years from an asteroid just now discovered. The 10-mile-wide object was somehow just found by NASA and there was a 1 in 2.04, ONE IN TWO POINT OH FOUR, chance of it extinguishing life as we know it.

And it was shared like crazy. I saw people on Facebook post it, frightened, worried, unsure of what to do. It was on Twitter, it was on other news websites.

People believed it without really looking into what was being said and that is just depressing. Let’s start with the obvious facts.

First, CNN’s iReport website is some of the finest clickbaiting around today. Anyone, literally, anyone, can post photos and write stories and publish them. And if you check out the screenshot of this dumb article (it’s been taken down), it looks similar to most real CNN stories. But it’s not real. Some random asshole wrote it.

Second, look at the author: Marcus575. Someday, journalism schools will be discussing the greats that made the professional legendary: Walter Cronkite, Tom Brokaw, Marcus575. How someone didn’t see a fucking internet handle being used as an author’s name and think, “wait a second…” is beyond me.

Third, the date of the impact: March, 35 2041. Yep…

This is a depressing commentary on what many people have become: complacent, lazy assholes who take everything at face value and never question anything. We are suppose to trust our journalism news outlets but we can’t anymore because here’s the truth: they know people don’t care enough. They’ll feed you whatever you want to hear. That’s why CNN shoved the Malaysian plane crash down our throats for so long, going as far as SUGGESTING A BLACK HOLE SWALLOWED THE PLANE (caps added by me to emphasis how fucking stupid that idea is.) And guess what? They had amazing ratings.

Fox News shovels a conservative agenda onto the airwaves every day because their audience wants that. They want the agenda, not the facts.

MSNBC pushes a liberal agenda because they small audience wants to hear left-leaning ideology.

We have unlimited knowledge at our fingertips. Don’t be afraid to look something up. You hear something on CNN? Well, go check it out online and see what others say. You read about an astroid coming to kill us all? Maybe go to nasa.gov and see if they have any news about it because YOU SURE AS SHIT WOULD THINK THAT FUCKING NASA OF ALL FUCKING PLACES WOULD BE FUCKING REPORTING ABOUT HUGE FUCKING ASTROIDS AND NOT FUCKING MARCUS FUCKING 575. Unless you think the government hides things from us because Obama is from Kenya, then yeah, Fox News has done you well.

When we stop questioning and researching and searching for the truth, other people create the truth for us and we will all suffer because of it.


One thought on “CNN Plays Into Our Stupidity

  1. Most people are really really really stupid. Facebook and the internet has only made them easier to spot.

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