My name is Mark Potts and Huffington Post once described me as a, “man child.”

I co-founded Singletree Productions in 2006 and the company has gone on to make numerous award-winning short films and feature films. My last feature film, Cinema Six  played numerous film festivals and starred John Merriman (Pit StopPictures of Superheroes), Maggie Carey (The To Do List), and Barry Corbin (Anger Management, No Country For Old Men). My film before that, S&M Lawn Care won a Special Jury prize at the 2012 Friars Club Comedy Film Festival.

I am currently in Los Angeles working for YouTube Nation as an editor and creating comedy videos with Heck Bender, a comedy troupe featured on Huffington Post, Slashfilm, Badass Digest, and Funny or Die.

IMDB page.



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